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Eligible Professionals - Let’s get started!

(A single provider who will enter their data and submit their own CMS EHR funding application.)

To the right are the step by step instructions on how to complete the registration process.

Please Note: This information is provided for Medicaid practitioners interested in applying for the Health IT Provider Incentive Program. If you are a Medicare practitioner looking for information on the Medicare EHR Incentive Program, please visit http://www.cms.gov/EHRIncentivePrograms for more information.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3   4 & 5  ;-)

Things you'll need

  1. Locate the National Provider Identified (NPI) and Tax Identification Number (TIN) you’ll need to register at CMS’s EHR Incentive Program Registration site. You’ll also need this to create an SLR account.
    If you don’t have an NPI, visit CMS’s site to apply for one. Need a TIN? Visit IRS.gov.
  2. Register at CMS’s EHR Incentive Program Registration site.
  3. Create or locate an electronic copy of your signed contract with a vendor for the purchase, implementation or upgrade of a certified EHR system.
  4. Locate information related to your medical license such as your license number and effective dates.
  5. Request a copy of a good standing certificate from the licensing board.
  6. Identify an individual who will be the contact for your application - you’ll need their name, phone and email.
  7. more info Determine the Medicaid Patient volume you’ll be reporting.
  8. Collect supporting documentation for your Medicaid patient volumes, including a de-identified Practice Management Report, de-identified Panel Member report, or other de-identified health plan data supporting patient volumes
  9. Determine which method of Certified EHR technology you will be attesting to — more info adopt, more info implement, or more info upgrade.
  10. Certified EHR info — verify that your system is on the list from ONC.
  11. Ensure that you have access to a scanner or electronic faxing technology such as RightFax™.
  12. Download, complete and scan in a completed Direct Deposit form. You will also need a voided check(checking accts) or blank deposit slip(savings accts) to upload on Step 4 of your attestation.
  13. Please fill out Security Risk Analysis Form and upload in the MU Objectives Section 1.
  14. Please fill out the MU General Requirement Form (80%) for EP’s and upload in STEP 3 as "Other MU Report".
  15. Create an SLR account to register for the Puerto Rico Medicaid EHR Incentive Program.
  16. Login and complete your application!

If you would like to continue your application process with the help of a Conduent support agent, contact the Help Desk at SLRHelpdesk@Conduent.com to schedule an appointment.